Alternative Products Expo

Alternative Products Expo

Fort Lauderdale, March 11-13, 2022, welcoming President David Reckles as a speaker covering the topic: “A high-level view on the Cannabis supply Chain and Operations”.

Private Label Hemp Lab at The Delta 8 Expo Reading Alternative Products Expo 1 minute

Alternative Products Expo is one-of-a-kind business and networking event featuring the market's most innovative products, brands, and services that Private Label Hemp Lab was honored to be a part of. President David Reckles was invited to cover the topic: “A high-level view on the Cannabis supply Chain and Operations”


See all the highlights from the Alternative Products Expo and how it benefited businesses across the disruptive products industry. Investors, Buyers, Wholesalers, and Distributors had endless products to choose from to grow market share and target new audiences to increase sales:



Cannabis Supply Chain and Operations is an important topic considering that today the Cannabis market is a highly regulated market, that is mandatory to follow all the latest legal compliance in order to run a successful business. Subject covered by David Reckles during the Alternative Products Expo. SEE FULL PANEL AND DISCUSSION: